Washington State Ferries and School Buses: Vax Mandates Trigger More ‘Sick-Outs’

Biden’s well practiced “tough guy” look.

In all fairness to that idiot Inslee, he’s just taking cues from that idiot Biden…

With the effects of this past weekend’s sick-out by pilots and air traffic controllers at the Jacksonville, Florida, international airport still reverberating as of the time and date of this article, it certainly appears as if sick-outs and work slow-downs are spreading across the nation.

Case in point would be the greater Seattle, Washington area. Please keep in mind that the Seattle area relies heavily on a robust ferry system as well as thousands upon thousands of school kids that rely on bus service.

As reported by KING5.com of Seattle (video below), the state-run ferry system has experienced a paralyzing sick-out in regards to Gov. Jay Inslee’s forced vaccine mandate.

KING5 has also noted that roughly “170 ferry crossings were canceled system-wide” throughout the Puget Sound.

Furthermore, the government controlled ferry system has stated on their official website that the reason for the cancellations is due to the government-hyped virus as well as some sort of “global shortage” of mariners;

We will continue to monitor the situation and attempt to provide as much service as possible as we navigate the effects of the pandemic and global labor shortages.

But all this doesn’t end with the ferry system.

NewsBreak.com is citing that public school bus service just may take a serious blow due to Inslee’s jab mandate;

Parents in Seattle Schools are just a week away from knowing whether they will lose bus service for their kids. In an email sent late Friday, the district said it may have to cut two-thirds of its general education bus routes because not enough drivers are complying with the Governor’s vaccine mandate.

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