‘Amateur Hour’: Team Biden Absolutely Clueless in Fixing Supply Chain FUBAR

There was a time I considered Joe Biden’s installation to the White House as Barry Obama’s third term.

Then I changed my stance somewhat and flirted with the notion that hard-core Lefticrat Susan Rice was actually the wizard behind the curtain.

Now I’m fairly sure that Joe Concha has the situation pretty much nailed down: the Biden Administration is little more than a bunch of blind-folded, hyperactive toddlers on the loose in a bounce house.

Think: Lord of the Flies with the nuclear football. At least in my mind, that’s the picture Concha’s painting.

In a stinging op/ed penned by Concha for the right-of-center news site TheHill.com, the conservative commentator body slams both Sec. of Transportation Pete Buttigieg as well as the Sec, of Labor Marty Walsh as in WAY over their heads in the deep end of actually doing their respective jobs.

Keep in mind that CBS News is reporting that 250,000 shipping containers are still waiting off-shore waiting for someone… anyone… to unload them.

Also, at the end of this article there’s a tweet in which the Washington Post is citing that a key railway center outside of Chicago is seeing trains backed-up for a whopping 25 MILES.

But back to Mr. Concha’s article (emphasis mine);

Three years ago, the only people who’d ever heard of Pete Buttigieg were likely to be residents of South Bend, Ind., the town of 103,000 people where he served as mayor.

South Bend is home to Notre Dame University. It has a bus station with a fleet of 60 buses, a small train station and a small regional airport. So, who better for Team Biden to nominate as secretary of the Department of Transportation, which employs more than 58,000 employees – more than half the population of South Bend – and has a budget of $87 billion?

After a quiet first nine months in office, the former mayor has his first crisis on his hands: a massive supply-chain breakdown exploding across the country that will impact every American, particularly the lower and middle classes. Restaurants, stores and small businesses that provide products and services to people will all be negatively affected as the cost to the consumer goes up.

One major reason this is happening is a shortage of workers to get cargo off of these ships, and another shortage of truck drivers to transport them where they need to go. A worker shortage has been a common theme throughout the first 10 months of the Biden era, where no one in the administration – including Labor Secretary Marty Walsh – has any good answers as to why it is happening.

So, to what level of accountability are the media holding the Transportation secretary?

A quick Google check of “Pete Buttigieg,” when using the “News” search option, reveals the following headlines in this exact order as of Monday afternoon. 

“Pete Buttigieg Calls Parenting Twins ‘Most Demanding Thing’: ‘Yet I Catch Myself Grinning Half the Time’ ” – People Magazine

“Pete Buttigieg calls parenting twins ‘the most demanding thing I think I’ve ever done’ ” – USA Today, under the “Celebrities” section

“Buttigieg quiet on growing port congestion as shipping concerns build ahead of holidays” – Fox News

“Buttigieg on parenthood: ‘Most demanding thing’ I’ve ever done” – NBC News

“Pete Buttigieg Dishes on His Future As a Presidential Candidate” – Business Insider

As you can see, almost all outlets are focusing on Buttigieg’s foray into fatherhood and not on the one major issue he’s in charge of fixing, or at least getting under some semblance of control, as cargo ships continue to pile up off the coast of America’s port cities.

Keep in mind the video below, this was Biden’s first, and some say his most aggressive attack on a fellow Democrat during the 2020 primaries;

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