(VIDEO) World Turned Upside-Down: Three SF Bay Area PDs Investigating COP PARENTS for Trying to Save Daughter from Sex Slaver

Chief Bisa French, Richmond Police Department subject of criminal investigation.

Literally right next-door to the People’s Republic of Berkeley, the San Francisco suburb of Richmond is nestled in the heart of one of the most Lefticrat regions of the nation.

In fact, the Richmond area is so “progressive” that three different police departments have launched criminal investigations against Richmond’s chief of police, Bisa French, and her husband, Oakland Police Department Sgt. Lee French.

In a prime example of the Left eating their own, the Richmond PD, the Oakland PD, and the Vallejo PD are all investigating both Lees on the possibility that they broke the law while attempting to save their own daughter from a sex slaver.

As noted by KGO-TV/ABC7 of San Francisco, reporter Laura Anthony cites (emphasis mine);

A scandal with the Richmond Police Chief caught in the middle has prompted investigations by three different Bay Area police agencies, and forced the city’s first female African American Police Chief, Bisa French, to be put on paid leave. It involves allegations that French and her husband, a sergeant in the Oakland police department, may have broken the law, in trying to rescue their teenage daughter from an alleged sex trafficker.

Chief French and her husband Oakland Police Sgt. Lee French, are both on leave, after allegations made by their 18-year-old daughter that the couple became physical and threatened both she and the man the teen calls her partner, 34-year-old Joe Goldman, who is now in an Alameda County jail charged with human trafficking.

“The allegations really result from Chief French’s and her husband’s attempt to get her daughter safe again,” said attorney Michael Rains, who represents Bisa French, “A daughter, who was a wonderful student, a straight A student, took a part-time job and had the misfortune of meeting a guy many years older.”

A probable cause statement states that Goldman, who also goes by the name of Oho McNair, has prior convictions for sex trafficking, and that he had French’s daughter working as a prostitute in motels and on the streets of Oakland in recent months.

The documents state that the teen told investigators, “Oho taught me how to move and make money.”

According to court filings, Bisa and Lee French tried to get their daughter away from Goldman, an interaction the daughter described in a court document seeking a restraining order against her parents.

“My mother and father proceeded to yell at me and threaten me. I tried to run out…but my father grabbed me,” she said.

She also alleged her parents threatened to kill both her and Goldman.

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