(VIDEOS) Painful to Watch: Biden’s Alleged ‘Town Hall’ Was Just… Bizarre

I am Cornholio! I need TP for my bung hole.

#FJB, #EmptyShelvesJoe, #LetsGoBrandon…

I didn’t watch the CNN, Anderson Cooper hosted, “invitation only” audience, blatantly fraudulent excuse of what was touted as a supposed “Town Hall Meeting.”

By the way, if those in attendance were hand-picked by the organizers, it’s not a real Town Hall Meeting. At least not one in the American sense. Soviet Union or Communist China? Yeah, that’s what Biden and CNN foisted upon We The People last night.

Anyhow, reporter Andrea Widburg of AmericanThinker.com provided spot-on commentary of these blatantly disturbing videos;

At one point, Biden spoke out loud what everyone else was thinking: “What am I doing here?” he asked. He was trying to remember “Long Beach,” a name that should be at the forefront of his brain, given the supply chain disaster playing out along California’s coast. Anderson Cooper dutifully stepped in to help, although he was also unable to explain what Biden was doing there:

One of the weirdest moments was Biden standing there with his elbows bent and fists clenched as Anderson Cooper talked to him. Did he think he was skiing? Driving a car? Pooping in his Depends? It was certainly disturbing to see the guy with the nuclear telephone standing like that for almost 20 seconds:

Biden — a man who skips town every weekend to hang out in his Delaware house — announced that he hasn’t “had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down” to the border to see the chaos and crime down there. For a man who has a plane at his beck and call, his excuses rang hollow:

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