Noam Chomsky: Godfather of America’s Hard-Left States the Unv@xed Should be ‘Isolated’; No Food? ‘That’s Actually Their Problem’

COVID camp constructed by the Chinese Communist government.

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To say that Noam Chomsky is a hard-core leftie is like saying that Bernie Sanders has been known that every so often to spend other people’s money rather loosely.

Yeah, calling Chomsky just a run-of-the-mill left-winger is a HUGE understatement. Remember, this is the guy who attacked Jack Kennedy for being too conservative.

But enough of the early 1960s… back to present day.

Yet I do ask that to please keep in mind that in spite of Chomsky attacking capitalism at every chance, cites his personal fortune at a whopping $8 million.

On with the topic at hand. In two recent video-recorded interviews (below), Chomsky called for those who chose not to be vaccinated be forcibly isolated (aka: “locked-away“) from the rest of society.

If that wasn’t Nazi-esque enough, when asked about how these isolated would have access to food, Chomsky’s response? “Well, that’s actually their problem.”

Of course, the Liberal Establishment in this country is as silent as a church mouse.

It really is beyond me why this scumbag isn’t being called-out for literally advocating political genocide.

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