CRT and Virginia Public Schools: Parents REQUIRED to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement of They Want to View New Curricula

As our Aussie friends say, “Lemme set the scene.”

  • There’s a certain hard-left leaning, Seattle-based organization known as Committee for Children.

  • Under the umbrella of the Committee for Children is a certain business called Second Step.

  • Second Step sells a curriculum program to various school districts though-out the nation which advocates something called SEL (Social – Emotional Learning).

  • However, SEL is neck-deep in more than a few of the learning objectives of the proponents of what’s popularly known as CRT (Critical Race Theory).

  • As seen in an official website for Second Step, “We’re committed to addressing racial injustice and helping you drive real change in your school communities.”

OK, this sounds like something I wouldn’t appreciate if my local school board were to drop my tax dollars on this nonsense.

In fact, I’d probably get kind of upset if my school district signed up with Second Step. But that’s just me, Dewey Oxburger, “Mr. Vegas.”, umm… I mean, Kevin Whiteman.

But you know who did lash-up with Second Step? The Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), that’s who.

As reported by Chrissy Clark of the, The LCPS is requiring that those parents lucky enough to be deemed “eligible parents”, and actually want to read the Second Step curricula, said parents must first sign off on a particular for that looks an awful lot like a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement);

According to a copy of the NDA-style form reviewed by the Daily Caller, “eligible parents” at LCPS must sign the document to view the Second Step curriculum.

Curriculum presentations can only be given in person and parents cannot broadcast, download, photograph, or record “in any manner whatsoever.” Downloadable files of part of the curriculum are available on LCPS’ website, per Second Step’s copyright policy.

“I understand that the Authorized Presentation of Second Step Materials I am about to view is not a public event, and that copying, broadcast or recording of any kind is not permitted,” the form reads. “I agree to comply with the terms of the above Special License.”

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