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More United Nations Stupidity: Why There is NO Variant Named After the Greek Letters Nu and Xi

Of course, the WHO is part of the UN.

Believe me… it took me quite a while, but I finally found an official World Health Organization website stating every single COVID variant from the Greek alphabet from Alpha to Mu to the latest variant tagged Omicron. Continue reading

Biden’s True Aim: Sic HEAVILY Armed IRS on Middle-Class and Working Poor; Tax Breaks to Blue State Rich

Armed IRS Agents (Photo:

Be careful what you ask for. Sadly, more than a few LIVs (Low Information Voters AKA “Mouth Breathers“) have totally and completely bought-off on the Lefticrat prayer mantra of “Pay your fair share.” Continue reading

New Olympic Rules: Farce in 1976 is Now Fact in 2021

Can a “trans-woman” ever be diagnosed with cervical cancer? Nope. Can a “trans-woman” ever be diagnosed with prostate cancer? Yep…

Remember the old days when National Lampoon was simply a magazine, and as far as gender identification is concerned, one was born with either outdoor or indoor plumbing? Continue reading