(VIDEO) Cruisin’ for a Snoozin’: Biden Checked-Out at Climate Conference

#FJB #LetsGoBrandon #PoopyPantsBiden #YouGottaBeShittingMe

Maybe Joe Biden is just suffering from jet lag. After all, most of his 10,000 mile trip from DC to Rome to Glasgow to DC is already behind him.

Maybe Joe Biden just finished-up a hearty lunch of applesauce and broth. Then again, Joe Biden just might still be recovering from huffing all that CO2 pumped-out during his 85-car meandering motorcade through the Eternal City.

For whatever reason, Sleepy Joe was caught on video catching a literal 30-winks at the United Nations-sponsored COP26 Climate Summit.

Initially just nodding-off, Biden managed to wake himself up a couple of times.

But come round three, he was out for a full 30-seconds. Luckily for Biden, one of his many caretakers gave him a gentle nudge to wake his sorry-ass up.

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