(VIDEO) McAuliffe Campaign: Massive Throng Numbering in the Dozens Attend Rally

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In spite of the fact that Terry McAuliffe held a campaign rally, only a few dozen souls actually were in attendance. Nonetheless, with only two days until the people of Virginia decide who their next governor will be, count on McAuliffe winning.

Well, stealing would be a more correct word. Just like how they stole the California recall and the 2020 presidential election.

As reported by Fox News, a miniscule 40 people attended a McAuliffe rally held on Saturday, 30 Oct., in Norfolk.

While many news organizations predict a come from behind win by GOP challenger Glenn Youngkin, there are already murmurs of massive voting “discrepancies”.

As reported by The Virginia Star;

Exclusive: Shock Report Finds ‘Massive Discrepancy’ with Absentee Ballot Records in Virginia

A Virginia nonprofit released a report this week that shows potential errors in how Virginia has sent absentee ballots to people looking to vote by mail.

In one case, out of a sample size of 587 addresses in 22 districts across the state, 217 out of 243 live contacts – nearly 90 percent – the absentee ballot information listed did not match the person living there, the report found.

Virginians for America First (VFAF), an organization that is trying to help Republicans regain the majority in the Virginia House of Delegates, received absentee ballot data from the Virginia Department of Elections for 22 House of Delegate Districts.

In a video report (below) from WTRK of Hampton Roads, Virginia, notes that over 1 million early votes have already been cast.

Keep in mind that according to an official Commonwealth of Virginia website, there are slightly less than six million registered voters as of 2021.

Also please keep in mind that during off-year elections, voter turnout over 50 percent is almost unheard of. That means that fully one-third of all ballots have already been cast.

When the Constitutional cats are away, the Lefticrat rats will play.

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