(VIDEO) She’ll End-Up Getting Conservatives Murdered; MSNBC’s Joy Reid Calls Republicans ‘Dangerous’

Left to right: AG-elect Miyares, Gov-elect Youngkin, Lt Gov-elect Sears.

A white guy, a black woman and a Cubano walk into a bar… they all get elected as the Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In a separate tale, a self-avowed Bernie Bro stalks the streets of DC with an assassination list of certain Republican Members of Congress in his pocket… James Hodgkinson ends up shooting four people before he ends up being himself shot by Capitol Police.

So what do these two anecdotes have in common? In my opinion, MSNBC anchorwoman Joy Reid’s televised comment last night that Republicans are “dangerous” (video below).

Reid not only turned-up the heat on the political divide in this country, she also (in my opinion) is doing everything in her power to de-humanize Republicans.

Much like when “Bernie Bro” James Hodgkinson opened fire in 2017 on Republicans practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game, I’ll assume that Hodgkinson believed he was doing a good thing.

After all, it’s a fair bet that Hodgkinson considered Republicans little better than Nazis. In his sick, twisted mind, I’ll opine that after a near-constant media bombardment of just how hateful, evil and dangerous Republicans are, Hodgkinson very well may have been convinced that he was doing the right thing.

In the meantime, Joy Reid and the rest of MSNBC will continue to throw gas onto the fire.

It’s only a matter of time until another brainwashed Lefticrat has a kill list in his pocket and goes hunting for Republicans.

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