(VIDEO) Biden’s Sec. of Energy Laughs at Your Pain (at the Pump)

Was she asked something funny?

#FJB #LetsGoBrandon #ArrestFauci

One of the few things that make can make a display of arrogance worse than it already is would be that arrogance when it’s coupled with blatant stupidity is far worse.

A perfect example of that would be that of Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

When asked during an interview on Bloomberg news how she plans on dealing with skyrocketing gas prices, Granholm responded with quite the belly laugh followed-up with her near-howling of “That is hilarious!”

Predictably, Granholm promptly blamed OPEC.

Even more predictable was Granholm completely ignoring that it was her own boss who shutdown American pipelines, refused to renew oilfield leases, and also made illegal oil and natural gas drilling on federal land.

As Old Man Winter takes his first steps into the Lower 48, the prices for gasoline, heating oil and propane are all expected to rise as the coming months get even colder.

On a personal note, I miss mean tweets and $1.84 gas.

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