Liberal Media: ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Now Considered Hate Speech

#FJB #LGB #LetsGoBrandon

As everyone is already aware of, the chant of “Let’s Go Brandon” is thanks to NBC reporter Kelli Stavast’s coverage of a NASCAR event held about a month ago while interviewing race winner Brandon Brown.

Considering that Stavast actually switched-up “F*ck Joe Biden” with “Let’s Go Brandon” is actually quite impressive.

For her ability to think on her feet, I give Stavant a 10. For lying about the truth literally being screamed at her, she gets a big fat zero.

Seriously… if I hit my thumb with a hammer, who in their right mind could take offense to my exclaiming, “Gosh darn it all to heck!”? Well, somehow Lefticrats would be able to demonize “Gosh darn it all to heck!”

But with all that aside, contributing writer to the, Joe Concha opines that the leftie media now whines that anyone uttering the vulgarity-free and G-rated “Let’s Go Brandon” is to be suspected and even worthy of investigation;

Two CNN national security analysts also weighed in, including Asha Rangappa, a former FBI agent, who absurdly equated a joke like “Let’s Go Brandon” with declaring “Long Live ISIS.”

Another analyst, Juliette Kayyem, speculated, without a hint of evidence, that the pilot may have anger issues – for perhaps telling a joke – or is a substance abuser.

This is how it works: Mock the current president – who is struggling mightily, to the point that 71 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track – and be prepared to lose your job.

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