(VIDEO) Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Witness Drops MASSIVE Bomb on Prosecution, Rosenbaum Screamed ‘I’ll Kill You, Motherf*ckers’, ‘Cut Your Hearts Out’

#FreeKyle #FJB #FBLM #Fantifa

Regarding the shooting death of Joseph Rosenbaum, other than him being a loudmouth, ex-con and pedophile, the legal question that many are asking is if Rosenbaum ever displayed murderous intent.

When witness JoAnn Fiedler of West Bend, Wisconsin was called to the stand today, this just might be the game changer in the favor of Rittenhouse’s defense team.

Stating under testimony that she voluntarily traveled the 60 miles to Kenosha to “help protect property” of the victims of the August 2020 riots that destroyed millions of dollars worth of both private and public property.

Very open and upfront, Fiedler stated she was a member of a patriotic group called United Citizens for Patriotism.

As seen in the video below, Fiedler dropped quite the bombshell on the prosecution;

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