(VIDEO) Latest Liberal Outrage; Judge’s Ring-Tone

Liberals don’t need a reason, just an excuse.

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Yet again, Leftiecrats have gotten their panties in a bunch in regards to something that is demonstrably false.

Specifically, the political Left is now outraged by the ringtone of Judge Bruce Schroeder, the presiding judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

As seen in the videos below, Hizzoner’s phone rang during the televised trial.

It was then that many on the Left jumped to the conclusion that said ringtone was a few bars of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”. This specific tune was also popular in both of Donald Trump’s campaigns for the presidency.

Here’s the problem with the Left’s latest excuse for being outraged. It’s not true.

Nonetheless, pearls have been clutched and fainting couches have been flopped upon coast-to-coast.

As seen in the article below from TheNewCivilRightsMovement.com (emphasis mine);

[Judge] Schroeder’s behavior has been the subject of a good deal of outrage as he – on live TV – repeatedly berated the prosecutor Wednesday. Some legal experts indicate his anger at the state’s attorney might be justified, but at the very least most seem to agree it should not have been done in public.

Wednesday afternoon many were stunned when Judge Schroeder’s phone went off in the middle of the trial.

Schroeder quickly grabbed it and angrily turned the ringer off, but as several noted, his ringtone is the same song Donald Trump used as his theme song at his MAGA rallies, known to some as “Proud to be an American,” officially “God Bless the U.S.A.”

Civil rights attorney Timothy Welbeck, the Director of the Center for Anti-Racism Research, and an Assistant Professor of Instruction at Temple University, called it “outrageous.”

“This is outrageous,” he tweeted in response to a video of Judge Schroeder’s phone ringing. “Aside from the obnoxious disruption it causes (I’ve seen judges threaten defendants and witnesses with jail time when their cell phones rang during court proceedings), it further reveals Judge Schroeder’s potential for bias in this matter and related ones.”

Even IF said ringtone is Greenwood’s tune… so what?

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