(VIDEO) Leftie Thugs, BLM Supporters Already on the Streets of Kenosha

Below is not only a video from WISN-TV of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but a rather garbled transcript as best deciphered from the ABC affiliate.

In all fairness to WISN, between the mumbled phrases, overlapping chants and loudspeaker distortion, their actual words are rather hard to make out.

Only thing’s for sure… this motley bunch seek to lionize the memories of a serial pedophile rapist as well as a serial wife beater.

Keep in mind that these Lefties are also quite hateful of a young man who was a Scout Police Explorer and a EMT Cadet.

I hope I’m not the only one who realizes that in Biden’s America, up is down, in is out, evil is good, rape and wife beating are considered merely slight oversights.

Say ‘Anthony and Jo-Jo’. We’re marching tonight to keep the victims and their lives and their memories alive in this city and alive in this country all over.  How can a 17 year old come to Kenosha armed?

We want everybody to know that this city, county and state has blood on their hands. We remember them. They live as long as we remember. You just seek freedom and peace. That’s enough for me. Yes sir. I want you to take a moment think about Anthony and Jo-Jo.

Think about the countless numbers of black and brown and white were injured by violence and racism in our country and around the world. That tonight can be a change. Nice! Tonight could be a transformative night. Tonight could be a night. Yes sir. And we let our light so shine. As long as we remember them, they live as long as we remember them.

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