(VIDEO) So THIS is the Cartoon That AOC, Lefticrats are Whining About?

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Snowflake-ism on steroids…

Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (R-AZ) is facing censure in the form of REMOVAL from every single committee and sub-committee he’s assigned to. BTW, that’s the same crap they pulled on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

Supposedly, Rep. Gosar posted online a parody of the opening sequence of the Japanese anime program Attack on Titan, complete with the original theme song.

But what Gosar had modified was the faces of the bad guys with superimposed images of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Bar Wench-NY) and Joe Biden (CCP-Beijing).

Gosar also had the face of the cartoon’s hero replaced with his own, as well as US Border Patrol agents were also shown as super-heroes.

But to listen to the Left, you’d think that the Arizona Republican was openly calling for lil’ Sandy Cortez and Sleepy Joe be given the chipper treatment, à la Fargo.

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