(VIDEO) Take a Breath: Keep the Rittenhouse Trial in Perspective

Gaige Grosskreutz and his Glock 27 .40S&W pistol. Still not arrested for a convict illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

#FreeKyle #FJB #FBLM #Fantifa

The fate of Kyle Rittenhouse is literally just hours away. Many of us have been glued to whichever Youtube channel is providing on the spot coverage of when the jury informs Judge Bruce Schroeder of their collective decisions.

I don’t have to press home to any of you that both Lefticrats and the Establishment Media hate conservatives and what we stand for with every fiber of their being.

Speaking conservative-to-conservative, I ask that we keep things in perspective.

Remember folks… the Left is openly cheerleading for;

  • A convicted pedophile who also had quite the penchant for anally raping little boys

  • A convicted serial abuser of whoever was his significant-other-of-the-moment

  • A convicted petty thug who beat his own grandmother

Keep in mind that the Left wants to imprison;

  • A Police Explorer Scout

  • An EMT Cadet

  • A lifeguard at the Kenosha YMCA

  • A volunteer who scrubbed BLM and Antifa graffiti off the walls of a Kenosha high school

Without me getting too religious, I honestly believe that I can describe the political Left in one word: Demonic.

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