(VIDEO) Waukesha Killer: Soros-Loving Milwaukee DA Should be FORCED to Attend Funerals

To the voters of Milwaukee County, it certainly looks as if you got what you wanted.

After all, you’re the ones who put John Chisholm into the DA’s office for the last 14 years. All the while knowing what a Leftie scumbag he really is.

Not only should that worthless son-of-a-bitch Chisolm be forced to attend the funerals of those murdered by Darrell Brooks, he also should be forced to visit the dozens of injured currently being treated at various hospitals in the greater Milwaukee area.

Citizens of Ludwigslust, Germany forced to see what their legally elected Führer had ordered.

Especially the half-dozen kids in critical condition, three in serious, all being treated at the Children’s Wisconsin Hospital, as reported by the Associated Press via WBAY of Green Bay.

I’ll even go a step further, everyone of you moronic bastards to made sure that Chisolm sat in the DA’s office for all these years should attend the funerals à la American Army officers ordering German citizens made to tour the Nazi death camps.

But in all honesty, none of the ultra-liberal voters of Milwaukee County will so much as even offer up a prayer for the dead, injured or the grieving.

Leftist arrogance knows no bounds.

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