The Abrahamic House that Trump Built: Israel, Morocco Sign Historic Defense Treaty

The seeds that President Trump planted less than two years ago have borne some fairly historic fruit.

Not only has the Jewish State and the Kingdom of Morocco officially recognized each other (exchanging ambassadors and other diplomatic protocols, etc.), but have just signed a major defense treaty, the first ever between Israel and a Muslim nation.

In doing so, this could be beneficial to both the Israelis and the Moroccans in their fight against not only the Iranians, but also against the Islamo-terrorists that threaten both nations.

As reported by Judah Ari Gross of The Times of Israel;

Head of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Political-Military Bureau says agreement signed by Gantz will create a ‘strategic alliance of knowledge’ between Jerusalem and Rabat,

A top Israeli defense official said Jerusalem and Rabat will begin cooperating deeply on security issues, more freely sharing intelligence and holding joint exercises, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two countries on Wednesday.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz is in Morocco this week aiming to bolster defense ties between the countries, marking a rare public show of cooperation between Israel and an Arab state on sensitive security issues.

“The agreement that we signed will allow us to cooperate, with exercises, with information — this is an agreement that will allow us to assist them with whatever they need from us, in accordance — of course — with our own interests. We have a strategic alliance of knowledge,” said Zohar Palti, the head of the Defense Ministry’s Political-Military Bureau, speaking to reporters on the sideline of Gantz’s visit to Rabat, which began Wednesday.

Israel does not share many of the threats facing Morocco. Rabat’s main challenge has come from the separatist Polisario Front movement seeking to establish an independent state in Western Sahara, which Rabat claims as its own, and from neighboring Algeria, which supports the Polisario Front.

However, Jerusalem and Rabat are both deeply involved in the fight against international Islamic terror groups like Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, which operate both in Israel’s area of the Middle East and in Africa. Israel’s primary enemy Iran and its proxy Hezbollah are also believed to be involved to a certain extent in the Moroccan-Algerian conflict.

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