New Olympic Rules: Farce in 1976 is Now Fact in 2021

Can a “trans-woman” ever be diagnosed with cervical cancer? Nope. Can a “trans-woman” ever be diagnosed with prostate cancer? Yep…

Remember the old days when National Lampoon was simply a magazine, and as far as gender identification is concerned, one was born with either outdoor or indoor plumbing?

Well, I guess those days are gone forever.

National Lampoon is now a cinematic has-been after hitting their high-water mark in the 80s. The differences between men and women is now about as clear as a bucket of mud.

Case in point would be the latest from the IOC (International Olympic Committee). I’m calling it as I see it… men can now compete as women just as long as said dude exclaims to the world, “I’m a chick.”

As reported by;

This framework replaces the 2015 IOC guidelines that required trans women to lower their testosterone for 12 months before competing in the women’s division. The new framework makes inclusion the first of the guiding principles and drops the testosterone suppression requirements — both substantial shifts for the organization.

The emphasis on inclusion is a welcome contrast to bans of trans females from women’s sports by 10 U.S. states including Texas, and the ban of trans females from the women’s category in international matches by World Rugby.

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