(VIDEO) Hillary Explains it All; Americans are Just Too Stupid to Appreciate the Magnificence of Biden

You know that tousle-headed lad over at PMSNBC… Roger Maddow I think his name is.

Anyhow, failed presidential candidate Hillary “You May Ask” Clinton appeared on Maddow’s barely watched program to explain exactly why more people don’t get a thrill down their collective legs regarding the true awesomeness that is Joe Chi Minh.

Turns out we’re all just too stupid to realize it.

In so many words, there are just three things that keep us all from understanding just how spectacular Biden really is;

  • We don’t listen enough to the Ministry of Propaganda

  • Not enough “gatekeepers” at the Ministry of Propaganda

  • More PhDs in Lesbian Dance Theory at the Ministry of Propaganda are needed to explain to us what is already painfully obvious

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