Meet America’s First Openly Homosexual President

Why was this photo even taken on a hospital bed? Neither of these two gave birth to anyone.

This particular article is based on little more than a feeling I have deep in my gut.

That, plus all the smoke signals coming out of The Swamp pretty much point in that direction. So maybe I’m not as clairvoyant as I thought.

With that aside, I honestly believe that Pete “Pothole Pete” Buttigieg will end-up occupying the Oval Office much like how Gerald Ford ascended to the presidency without winning so much as a single electoral vote.

But first, keep in mind that the 2020 presidential campaigns of both Buttigieg and Harris were little more than slow-motion train wrecks.

Buttigieg managed to garner a handful of delegates in three states before pulling the plug. Even worse, Harris had a whopping 1 percent approval rating and quit the race before any caucuses or primaries.

So here we have two losers; one, the junior senator from California whose claim to fame was suck-starting her way to the top… the other, the openly homosexual mayor of a small midwestern town noted for potholes the size of Moon craters.

Let’s be honest, these two were chosen for the Biden administration for being nothing more than checked boxes on the Lefticrat wish list.

Anyhow, this is how I predict things will transpire;

  1. One way or another, Kamala Harris will either resign or be kicked out of office. She may be offered a seat on the Supreme Court or maybe she’ll be given an offer she can’t refuse. After all, no one likes going fishing with Fredo.

  2. Once the Veep slot is opened, Buttigieg will easily win confirmation in both Houses of Congress. According to the XXVth Amendment, all that’s needed is a simple majority of votes. Enough back-stabbing RINOs to insure Buttigieg’s coronation.

  3. Then the final point – Slow Joe will be discarded with all the pomp and circumstance of the flushing of a snot-filled Kleenex down the toilet.

But on point #3, there is something that’s been stuck in the back of my memory since October of last year. I’ve always considered as somewhat strange an utterance from Nancy Pelosi as reported by the New York Post from 9 Oct, 2020 (emphasis mine);

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced legislation on Friday that would give Congress more power to remove a president from power — one day after questioning President Trump’s fitness for office due to his treatment for COVID-19.

Pelosi insisted that the “Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office Act” — introduced less than a month before the Nov. 3 election — wasn’t aimed at Trump.

“He will face the judgment of the voters, but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents,” the California Democrat claimed.

Strange, huh?

I certainly get the impression that even over a year ago, the Lefticrats had a plan in place not only to steal the election, but also map-out their plan if the selected puppet no longer fit into their grand scheme of things.

Biden’s numbers are at historic lows, people are bailing on Harris like rats fleeing a sinking ship, anyone who even as much dares to question a future President Pip-Squeak will be labeled a homophobe.

What could go wrong? (Sarcasm, off)

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