Gutless Eric Bolling: Brags He ‘Won’t Lose a Wink of Sleep’ if Russia Invades Ukraine; China Invades Taiwan

First things first… I already have a war under my belt, and I have the campaign ribbons to prove it. So if anyone wants to hammer me for not serving, better luck next time.

With that done, allow me to say what a gutless coward I consider Eric Bolling to be. Fittingly, his recent Neville Chamberlain moment was uttered on Pearl Harbor Day.

As seen in both the video and tweet below, Bolling stated on December 7th while hosting his Newsmax program (emphasis mine);

I don’t really care if Putin takes Ukraine or if China takes Taiwan. I won’t lose a wink of sleep. I will be more fearful and anxious if a doddering Biden gets us into a hot war with either Russia or China or God forbid, both.

Like Bolling, I don’t want to see America go to war with Russia, China, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea or even the Federated States of Micronesia.

All I want is peace and freedom.

But unlike Bolling, I understand that peace and freedom come at a price. I won’t drone on endlessly explaining to everyone how “freedom isn’t free” or “If you want peace, prepare for war.” Anyone reading this knows that these two particular maxims are so very true.

Much like Lefticrats, Bolling is either unwilling or too stupid to understand what happens AFTER Russia and/or China invade Ukraine and/or Taiwan, respectively.

After ten of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dead Ukrainians and/or Taiwanese later, both Putin and Xi will seek to expand their perspective empires.

The Russians will go after the Caucus Nations (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia), will certainly seek to “liberate” non-NATO Eastern European nations such as Moldova, Belarus… and I wouldn’t count out Russia “deploying for peaceful purposes” troops ro Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Don’t count out Russia emboldened to occupy all those “‘stan” countries that were also part of the ex-USSR (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan).

Bottom line, if Ukraine falls, bet on our children and grandchildren growing up with a resurgent USSR.

If and when Taiwan falls to the Chinese Communists, the center link in the First Island Chain will be smashed forever. I personally doubt if China will ever bridge the Second Islands Chain (photo below), but they’ll certainly blow by all the chokepoints leading to the Indian and South Pacific Oceans. Then we’ll see China’s One Belt One Road initiative on steroids in South Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Bottom line, if Taiwan falls, bet on our children and grandchildren growing up with a resurgent Chinese Empire.

Did I mention that if Ukraine and Taiwan fall, the blood of tens if not hundreds of thousands of dead Ukrainians and Taiwanese will be on our hands?

Never citing a problem without also bringing up a solution, here’s what President Kev would do;

  1. Give Ukraine and Taiwan every fighter, ship, helo, missile system, pieces of artillery, mortars, rifles, ammunition, belt buckles, socks, skivvie drawers, bootlaces, etc., that their little hearts desire.
  2. If arming the freedom-loving people of Ukraine and Taiwan to the teeth doesn’t rattle the cages of the Russians or Chinese, then yes, I would deploy US troops to both Ukraine and Taiwan for defensive purposes only.

After all, we’re Americans. It simply isn’t in our DNA to sleep soundly when our friends are slaughtered by the truckload.

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