(VIDEO) Biden SMIRKS When Asked if he will Ask China for Transparency in Wake of COVID Deaths

Same as it ever was. The famed Biden Smirk when asked about the Afghanistan Disaster.

Both the government and the Establishment Media continually state the number of those killed by the COVID-19 virus in the hundreds of thousands.

Case in point, according to an article by the New York Post, the death count currently stands at 800,000.

However, using the same stats and calculations used by the CDC and Johns Hopkins University, in a previous article I’ve noted that the number of Americans who’ve died OF The Virus is actually closer to 48,000… NOT the 800,000 that The Post claims.

Suffice it to say that (again, using the formulae of the CDC and JHU) 752,000 of our fellow Americans died WITH COVID, along with other existing conditions, such as emphysema, HIV/AIDS, advanced cancer, etc.

But with all that aside, when a reporter for The Post asked Biden if he would ever dare to bring up transparency on the part of his Chinese masters in regards of the Wuhan Flu, the best Biden could do was to smirk and walk away.

As reported by Steven Nelson of the New York Post;

WASHINGTON — President Biden smirked and walked away Wednesday when The Post asked why he hasn’t done more to push China to be transparent on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Biden was stone-faced when asked about his own responsibility for the US crossing 800,000 pandemic deaths — before breaking into a broad grin when asked about China.
“On 800,000 coronavirus deaths, do you have a statement on your responsibility, and why haven’t you asked China to do more to be transparent on the [virus] origins?” The Post asked the president on the White House lawn.
Biden, departing to tour tornado damage in Kentucky, gave no answer as he smiled and waved off the question. It was the only query to which he did not verbally respond.

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