The Biden Flop: ‘The Dancing Nurses’ Lay an Egg at White House Christmas Event

Winter of death… AND DANCING!

I’ve been searching online to find out just how many healthcare workers have lost their livelihood nationwide due to the Biden mandates.

For whatever reason, I can’t find a recent number that cites a number for all states and territories under the American flag.

However, I did find an article from the Canadian news site that the Canada-wide number is “nearly 10,000 unvaccinated health care workers across Canada have been placed on unpaid leave or had their jobs terminated by health authorities as of Dec. 16.”

So, Canada has a population of 38 million. The US population is roughly 320 million (8.75 greater than our neighbors to the north).

Simple arithmetic tells us that 10,000 canned healthcare workers up north multiplied by 8.75 equals 87,500 very probable dumped nurses in the US.

Just a few short months ago, healthcare workers were the unsung heroes of the country. Present day, not so much.

But Team Biden has found 17 healthcare workers who know not only how to take a jab, but can also carry a tune.

The “Dancing Nurses” took center stage in the East Room for a syrupy-sweet, diabetes-inducing song and dance number.

Interestingly enough, the two lead singers along with Jill Biden were all sans masks.

That COVID virus must have been hard-wired in its Chinese factory to ignore lead singers and the wives of fake presidents.

Color me impressed.

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