Thankfully, Beta Males Getting the *Big Snip* b/c of Texas Abortion Laws

We can all heave a huge sigh of relief… the Man-Bun Brigade across the nation are stepping up for vasectomies to protest against the wave of pro-life laws sweeping the nation.

Literally, the biological solution is in effect for these particular soy boys and beta males.

As it turns out, more than a few of those who supposedly pass as examples of what a modern-day man is suppose look and act like are thankfully having their plumbing disconnected.

In the wake of several states passing several laws that would protect unborn children, bunheads everywhere are doing just as their told and volunteering for the unkindest cut of all.

As noted by reporter Brianna Lyman of the Daily Caller (emphasis mine);

A Texas doctor said his practice has seen a nearly 15% increase in vasectomies as men try to push back against the state’s abortion law, The Washington Post (WaPo) reported Sunday.

Koushik Shaw, a doctor who practices at the Austin Urology Institute, told WaPo his practice saw a roughly 15% increase in scheduled vasectomies following the state’s Sept. 1 abortion ban.

Shaw told the outlet patients are coming in, saying “‘Hey, I’m actually here because some of these changes that [Gov. Greg] Abbott and our legislature have passed that are really impacting our decision-making in terms of family planning,’ so that was a new one for me as a reason – the first time, patients are citing a state law as their motivating factor.”

The law effectively bans most abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which occurs around six weeks after conception.

Texas clinics aren’t the only places seeing men choose vasectomies, with Florida urologist Doug Stein marketing the procedure as “an act of Love” for their partners and “the ultimate way to be a good man,” according to the WaPo.

Boston family medicine doctor Sarah Miller referred to the “trend” as “remarkable … in the family planning community of recognizing and promoting vasectomy and birth control for men,” according to the report.

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