America’s Love of Police May Come to a Screeching Halt Sooner Than Anyone Expects

Americans have long loved our local and state cops. There was even a time not all that long ago when the majority of the populace supported the FBI.

However, if our cops follow the examples of the Europeans and the Australians, conservatives and independents (lefties already despise law and order) from sea-to-shining sea will dump our collective backing of our law enforcement faster than you can throw-out a dirty diaper.

By now most have already heard of Dutch police loosing the dogs and beating COVID-19 mandate protesters with riot batons, as reported by

In the meantime, videos of Australian and British beating the crap out of mandate protesters have become old hat. But to add insult to injury, this whole thing isn’t just about certain foreign cops thumping anti-mandate protesters.

This is about governments choosing sides. Governments purposefully targeting the demographic that everyone and their brothers knew were reliably pro-cop.

Below are two videos; the first of an Australian police officer ordering Canadian conservative activist Lauren Southern off the public streets as so not to offend militant Islamists.

The second is of London’s Metropolitan Police willfully abandoning the streets to BLM terrorists.

In all fairness, we Americans witnessed exceptional cowardice by numerous state and local governments as they surrendered to leftist mobs. Unfortunately, law enforcement dutifully complied.

Again, in all fairness, the civil violence took place in leftist controlled cities and states, so the overwhelming majority of conservatives and independents went untouched.

With three more years of Slow Joe in the White House, we very well may see local and state cops beating citizens who actually support them.

That’ll be disastrous to everyone. Especially for any hope of continuing the American experiment in freedom.

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