(VIDEO) Vomit-Worthy: CNN Interviews ‘Reporters’ Claiming PTSD One Year After January 6th Protest

To military history buffs everywhere, the names of Joe Rosenthal and Ernie Pyle are immediately recognizable. Hunter Walker and Grace Segers… not so much.

So disgusting to me, it was all I could do to even type out their names.

War reporter Joe Rosenthal with US Marines atop Mt Suribachi.

Nonetheless, Chicken Noodle News anchor Brian “Mister Potato Head” Stelter actually gave airtime to two wastes-of-skin who have the gall to pass themselves off as journalists.

Personally, I get the distinct impression that Potato Head interviewed these two mooks as if they were veterans of covering the Marine invasion of Iwo Jima.

Keep in mind that 6,000 Marines were killed during the course of the 31-day battle. That’s roughly 200 dead Marines per day. Another way to look at it was nearly 10 Marines KIA every hour… for 31 days straight.

Interestingly enough, Joe Rosenthal never claimed to suffer from anything even close to PTSD.

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