VIDEO: Chicago Politician Urges Citizenry Use Whistles to Fight Crime

Never mind that Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Never mind that the city government of Chicago is openly anti-cop and pro-criminal.

While we’re at it, never mind that Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot turned down an offer from President Trump to send in the National Guard. Never mind that being an active-duty US Marine is safer than a civilian living on the streets of Chicago.

Yep, ignore all that. Alderwoman Michele Smith (D-43) knows how to stop crazed gang-bangers wreaking violence across the Windy City.

Whistles. You read it right… whistles.

By the way, you can also forget about smash-and-grabs, armed robberies and carjackings are also on the rise in Ald. Smith’s ritzy Lincoln Park 43d Ward.

An ardent Second Amendment hater, rather than urging any of the law-abiding people of Chicago to arm themselves, she’s actually urged her constituents to move towards gunfire when thugs are committing vicious crimes.

Of course, blowing their whistle the entire time.

That should take one hell of a bite out of crime.

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