(VIDEO) Quebec to Institute Islamic-Style COVID Dhimmitude; ‘Significant’ New TAX on the Unvaxxed

The ever-woke Canadian cops. What does someone placing their genitals in the wrong orifice have to do with community policing? Just imagine what they’ll do to the COVID hooligans.

In more than a few Muslim nations, there is something called “Dhimmitude”, the Islamo-Fascist teaching Christians and Jews are essentially placed in permanent state of subjection to their Muslim masters.

Of the many actions used against the subjected is something called the Jizyah. A special tax on Christians and Jews who are forced to pony-up so they can remain Christians and Jews.

The screamingly liberals in power of the Canadian province of Quebec must be huge fans of Islam, Dhimmitude and the Jizyah.

After all, the Quebec Premier (their verson of an American governor) Francois Legault is pushing hard for a new tax on those Quebecers who’ve elected not to take the jab.

As reported by the Toronto Sun (emphasis mine);

Adult Quebecers who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19 will be forced to pay a “significant” financial penalty, Premier Francois Legault said Tuesday, one day after the sudden resignation of the province’s public health director.

The penalty would be the first of its kind in Canada and would apply to unvaccinated residents who don’t have a medical exemption, Legault told reporters in Montreal. The “health contribution” is necessary, he said, because about 10 per cent of adult Quebecers aren’t vaccinated, but they represent about half of all patients in intensive care.

But diving into the reasons as to why the provincial government would want to initiate a new apartheid-esque tax, possibly this isn’t just to force citizens to take a shot they believe is a violation to their basic human rights.

In a recent Canadian Brodcasting Corporation report, Quebecers are leaving the province in the thousands;

Jack Jedwab, president of the Association for Canadian Studies, said most of the people leaving Quebec are between 25 and 34 years old — an age when most are just starting their careers.

After all, the tax dollars leaving with those young workers has to be made up somehow.

But for the love of God, please don’t tell American Blue State governors what Legault is doing to his own people.

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