(VIDEO) Forget about a ‘Red Wave’ in 2022; Why the Dems Have Every Intention of Stealing the Next Election

From where I sit, the writing on the wall is screamingly obvious that the Leftiecrats have absolutely every intention of stealing the 2022 mid-terms… just like how they stole of 2020 elections.

After all, the idiots in control in DC have made three very key moves that the Establishment Media has all but ignored;

  • Breaking that Biden’s Secretary of Education personally pushed for lippy parents at school board meeting to be labeled domestic terrorists.

  • The DoJ has just initiated their own special department to tackle domestic terrorism.

  • The Pentagon has announced that all recruiters will start screening potential enlistees for signs of domestic terrorism.

Is anyone else getting seeing a bit of trend?

It’s plainly obvious that the Dems will steal the mid-terms, and just when the conservatives cry foul, they’ll have in place everything they need to lock us up as… wait for it… domestic terrorists.

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