(VIDEO) Nancy Pelosi’s Freakish Eyebrows Make the News… Really

I have the strange feeling that Nancy Pelosi must’ve had some sort of secret pact with the makers of Botox. Maybe the San Francisco Democrat gives Big Pharma the inside (IE: Classified) scoop of the goings-on in the drug industry; in turn, they give her a lifetime supply of the skin-swelling serum.

With that aside, Speaker Pelosi’s appearance on the everything-political Sunday morning gabfest, “Face the Nation”, social media exploded not only by the garbage she was spewing, but also a mug that’s seen the scalpel and the needle once too often.

Pelosi was the target of everyone of everyone from everyday Americans to Tucker Carlson.

Even the Babylon Bee got their hilarious licks in.

As published by reporter Mike Miller of the conservative-leaning news site RedState.com  (emphasis mine);

Why do we so disdain Nancy Pelosi and all for which she stands? Let us count the ways.

Pelosi’s raw thirst for power has been and remains unquenchable. Her depth of deception and dishonesty, coupled with the height of her hypocrisy, have few equals. And the condescension? Oh, the condescension.

Finally, toss in late-stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome and Madam Speaker’s off-the-charts obsession with all things Donald Trump, and by Jove, I think you’ve got it.

As if we didn’t already have more than enough target-rich material about which to blister Nancy Pelosi on a daily basis, the 81-year-old woman’s creepy eyebrows are now a thing on Twitter, where they — and she — continue to be mocked and ridiculed in hilarious fashion.

So, Pelosi did an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation” this week in which she yet again spewed silly nonsense about how the evil Republicans are undermining democracy, but it wasn’t the contents of Madam Speaker’s delusional diatribe that became a social media hit. Not even close.

Nope, Pelosi’s eyebrows stole the show, so much so that even Fox News host Tucker Carlson got in on the act, as only Tucker can.

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