Save OANN! Call DIRECTV; Save Conservative News, Even if You’re Not Subscribed

Even if you don’t subscribe to DIRECTV, you can still call and tell them that you were considering signing-up, but if they follow through with dropping one of the VERY few conservative news networks, you’ll go with someone else.

The most direct number is 800-531-5000.

Just remember to be polite… don’t take out your frustrations of the poor soul who’s just manning the customer service line.

My personal experience when I called, I simply said “If the executives (head-honchoes, big bosses, whatever you want to call them) go through with dropping the One America News Network, I will definitely drop DIRECTV.”

She asked for my account number, blah, blah, blah. But they now know I mean business.

When I asked the young lady if she was getting any calls on this specific situation, she gave a rather emphatic “yes!”

Remember what St James wrote in his Epistle; “Faith without works is dead.” Getting angry at DIRECTV is one thing. Doing something about it is another.

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