Greasy, Gutless Gavin; California Governor Apologizes for Calling Train Robbers ‘Gangs’, Begs Forgiveness

As if things in the Land of Piers and Queers couldn’t get more snowflakier (snowflakesque?), the Head Snowflake himself proves just how fragile he and the vast majority of the Golden State truly are.

Should the possibly offended be apologized to… maybe even be begged for their forgiveness?

Just put aside that the potentially insulted are either vicious gang-bangers or criminally selfish train robbers.

But back to the question at hand, if the state in question is California, and the governor is Gavin Newsom, then the answer is an unconditional and unequivocable yes.

As stunningly amazing as the proposal is, this is exactly what happened when Newsom initially referred to the now infamous train robbery in Los Angeles.

As reported on by Joel B. Pollack of (emphasis mine);

Oily bohunk.

Gov. Gavin Newsom apologized Friday for using the term “gangs” to describe groups of people who have been attacking and robbing cargo trains near downtown Los Angeles, as he toured the wreckage.

As Breitbart News reported, Newsom arrived at the site and helped a cleanup crew, just days after viral video showed thieves targeting the trains, and debris scattered in every direction, showing torn cardboard boxes that will never reach their destinations.

Some left-wing scholars and activists, as well as some journalists, consider the term “gang” to be pejorative or even racially-loaded, even in the context of a criminal enterprise.

In a separate article, Fox News noted (emphasis mine);

“This is not one-off,” Newsom said in a news conference near Union Pacific Railroad tracks in Los Angeles on Thursday, according to the Washington Times. “This is organized theft. These are organized gangs of people that are coming out.”

Forgive me for saying ‘gangs,’ that’s not a pejorative,” he clarified. “They’re organized groups of folks that move from site to site.”

Hey, jackass… you mean “gangs”?

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