(VIDEO) Team Biden: Believe What We Tell You… Because We Said So

Yes, the camera’s still on.

I’m going to go out a limb and say straightaway that Ned Price did one hell of a job in his recent verbal combat against Associated Press reporter Matt Lee.

Of course, when I say he did one hell of a good job, that’s me purposefully ignoring his hard swallows and staring at the camera to see if his profound cluelessness was still being lived streamed to the entire world.

Spokesthing for the Biden State Department, Price spun quite the tale involving “factual” accusations that the Russian government is planning a “false flag” operation against the Ukrainians.

Suffice it to say that I’m of the opinion that the AP overall is little better than CNN, the New York Times, MSNBC and the rest of the Leftist media.

But I am quite impressed with Lee pressing home the attack, refusing to allow Price off the hook.

But then again, when the Biden administration peddles such patented lies, even the most liberal of news organizations has to call bullshit on them.

Enjoy the video.

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