(VIDEO) ARRESTED: Thug Who Ran Down Four Pro-Convoy Canadians a Hard-Left ‘Activist’

Just a handful of days ago, anti-lockdown protesters in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada, were ran down by an unknown assailant, injuring four, sending one to the hospital.

In multiple reports from the New York Post, the Winnepeg Free Press, The Gateway PunditRebel News, even CelebsAgeWiki, the attacker’s identity is not only public, he’s now in custody.

Supposedly a someone in the Winnipeg Punk Rock music scene (who knew Manitoba even had a Punk Rock scene?), the Winnipeg Police Service took into custody Dave Zegarac “after a brief struggle with police.”

Hopefully, he didn’t try to eat them. Reportedly, Zegarac fancies himself as a vegan.

Fronting such bands as The Brat Attack, Dead Peasants Revolt, The Black Mass Brigade, and Class War Kids, Zegarac has himself penned tunes with catchy titles such as My Declaration As An Internationalist, he croons about ignoring borders or even the notion of nationhood.

Instead crowing on about how he stands “with those who oppose social injustice”.

In Selling Revolution, he espouses his belief how it’s “our duty to fight these f*cks, to raise our f*cking voice” against “corporate imperialists”.

Presumably a love song, in The Brat Attack song “Hey Harper You Anti-Choice Homophobe F*ck, Die Die Die” is aimed at former-Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper;

F*ck you Mr. Stephen Harper
You fascist white bred bible thumper
It’s not OK to be anti-gay
I think mr. homophobe needs some dick today

This is class war, you rich white f*cks
Ruling class is sh*t out of luck
Your god is f*cking dead, i shot him in the head
Your sh*t religion is sorely misled

F*ck you Mr. Stephen Harper
What if it was your daughter?
It’s not OK to be anti-choice
Womyns body’s is something you cannot exploit

In a now closed online publication called The Scope, feature piece on Zegarac from 2008 noted his decidedly hard-boiled Leftist activism.

Instead of being charged under Canadian law with a politically motivated hate crime, Zegarac is instead being charged with the following;

Does this fat-ass look live a vegan?
  • Four counts of assault with a weapon
  • Two counts of dangerous operation of a conveyance causing bodily harm
  • Dangerous operation of a conveyance
  • Two counts of failure to stop after an accident knowing that the driver was reckless, and failing to stop at the scene of an accident times two.

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