Canadian Cops Rough-Up 78 Y/O Great-Grandfather, all of 4′ 10″ Tall; He ‘Tooted’ His Car Horn, Then Waved to Truckers

We need to get over this MYTH that cops will never treat us like they are treating Gerry Charlebois, a 4′ 10″ 78 y/o great-grandfather. 

I’m going to purposefully keep my comments to a minimum for this report. Just watch the video below… then sit back as your blood comes to a slow boil.

Just a bit of background; Mr. Charlebois was dropped to his knees while the cops cuffed him, then proceeded to basically shove him around.

Accused of “tooting his car horn”, and then “waving to truckers”… it was then that Ottawa’s Finest swung into action against this obvious insurrectionist septuagenarian.

Who knows what other revolutionary acts Charlebois was mulling in his head?

Hey, he could have offered his coat to a chilly young lady. Possibly he would have gone off the deep end and bought a cup of coffee and a sandwich for one of Ottawa’s rather large homeless community.

All I know is that Justine Tru-D’OH has tagged the truckers and friends as some sort if “fringe element movement” that are covertly using Bounce Houses as Domestic Terrorist Training Grounds.

Oh… and they’re all a real threat to the very future of what passes for freedom for the Canadian nation.

OK, no more of me being a smart-ass.

Things are about to get bad really, really soon.

And the antagonists who’ll be stirring up  the shit kettle will be the Canadian cops.

Or possibly even some well-paid crisis actors.

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