Honor Killing: Gruesome Video of Iranian Man Who Decapitated His Teen Wife; Smiles as He Parades Her Head on the Streets

In another example of fundamentalist Islam would be a grinning Iranian proudly carrying the decapitated head of his teen-aged wife though the streets of the Southwest Iranian city of Ahvāz.

Seen also bearing what appears to be a rather large kitchen knife, Sajjad Heydari is all smiles while holding the head of his 17-year-old wife, Mona Heydari, by the hair.

Following the centuries-old practice of both inbreeding as well as pedophilia, undoubtedly Sajjad Heydari will more-than-likely be found not guilty (or given an exceedingly light sentence) in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As reported by Yaron Steinbuch of the New York Post (emphasis mine);

A shocking video captured an Iranian man grinning as he walked through the streets clutching the severed head of his 17-year-old wife — whom he decapitated in an “honor killing,” according to a report.

The gruesome footage shows Sajjad Heydari strolling through a neighborhood in Ahvaz, a city in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, on Saturday with Mona Heydari’s head in one hand and a blade in the other, East2West News reported.

Mona, who also was Sajjad’s cousin, had been forced to marry him when she was just 12 years old, according to the Women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

She reportedly suffered domestic abuse but was pressured to stay put for the sake of their 3-year-old son, even though she had expressed her wish to divorce the brute.

The teen finally escaped to Turkey but returned after finding it tough to live alone in another country, the news outlet reported.

A few days later, Sajjad and his brother allegedly tied her hands and chopped off her head. Her body was dumped before her husband paraded through the streets with her head.

A police official said the motive for the murder was “family differences.”

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