(VIDEO) Comedienne Yuks it Up Over Being Double-Vaxxed and Boosted; Collapses on Stage, Fractures Her Skull


Heather McDonald, 51, just started her set at the Tempe, AZ, Improv comedy club telling the world that not only has she been double-vaxxed, boosted, had her flu shot, had her shingles shot, STILL gets her period, travels to Mexico, and then…

Well, her act pretty much ended there.

That is unless you consider it funny to see McDonald’s eyes roll-back in her head; collapsing like a brick warehouse during a planned demolition; and as her finale, flopping around on-stage like a fish out-of-water.

Oh, she also busted her brain housing group.

With all that aside, it turns out that a cracked cranium wasn’t the only injury she had to deal with.

As reported by KiMi Robinson of AZ Central;

“I really don’t want to reveal how bad it is, but I have two completely black eyes, which I guess is a result of when you hit the back of your head really hard,” McDonald said. “They just said there’s nothing that caused (the fall). Like, I didn’t have some ticking time bomb.”

The comedian took off her sunglasses to show the evidence of her injury.

“Now I’m just recovering from having a concussion. So I did have a fracture in my skull, which caused some (internal) bleeding. But then the next CAT scan the morning after showed it was already starting to heal itself,” she said.

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