(VIDEO) Joe Biden’s Perverted Obsession w/ Electric Vehicles; Ignore the Child Slavery and Harm to the Environment

You’ve really got to hand it to Jethro Bodine. He milked that 6th Grade education for all it was worth.

As seen in the video below, Uncle Jed’s favorite nephew was 50 years ahead of the power curve when it came to electric vehicles.

But that was then, this is now.

As a proud capitalist, I’m of the opinion that the private market and good old American know-how will lead the way to inventing and refining the technology required to move people from Point A to Point B.

All without a bloated, bureaucratic central government mucking things up along the way.

Call me gullible, but I also happen to believe that American private innovation can figure a way to extract of minerals needed without having to resort to child slavery.

As the Heartland Institute noted just a few short months ago (emphasis mine);

Asians and Africans, many of them children, are being enslaved and are dying in mines, refineries, and factories to obtain the minerals and metals required for the green energy technologies Democrats are mandating.

The politicians and their supporters don’t seem to care. Democrats’ traditional calls for the recognition of universal human rights fall to the wayside, it seems, in the face of the purported “existential crisis” of climate change, which might require them to pay more for flood insurance for their expensive beachfront homes.

But here’s what’s REALLY keeping me up late at night.

I feel all sorts of guilty whenever I throw away a couple of Double AA batteries. Dead car batteries are simply out of the question… all that leaking lead and acid stuff. Scares the bejeezus out of me!

Even pangs of lingering guilt when I pay the battery disposal fee at my local Auto Zone.

But can you imagine the literal mental hell I’ll have to go through if-and-when I decide to buy a Ford F-150 Lightning truck?

As MSN.com reports, the behemoth of a battery for a Lightning weighs in at a whopping 1,800 pounds.

That’s pretty much the same weight as a Volkswagen Beetle.

But look on the bright side. According to the official Ford website, if you pay extra, your Lighting will be fitted with an Extended-Range Battery. After a mere 19 hours worth of charging, you just might hit the targeted EPA estimated range of 300 miles.

On second thought…

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