#LetsGoBrandeau: Trudeau’s Martial Law, So Why Isn’t the House of Commons Booting Him?

Is it just me?

Like most Americans, my understanding of parliamentarian forms of governments is limited, at best. So, when I ask where Canada’s House is when it comes to voting out Trudeau, I’m not asking rhetorically… I really want someone to explain it to me.

The whole reason I’m asking this is in light of Trudeau’s latest Hitlerian power grab in his formally invoking the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history.

I am aware that like most parliamentary governed nations, Canada has nearly two dozen federal political parties.

I’m also aware that Trudeau’s Liberal Party is in power of a “minority government”, meaning that the Liberals don’t have a majority of the 338 available seats. So, in a power sharing plan with other leftist parties, Trudeau has control of the country, even without a majority in the House.

Here’s the break-down;

  • Liberal Party – 159

  • Conservative Party – 119

  • Bloc Québécois – 32

  • New Democratic Party – 25

  • Green Party – 2

  • Independents – 1

But with every party except the Conservatives being either left-of-center or hard-left, it’s understandable how Trudeau could offer a few scraps off the table to have other parties’ side with his Liberals.

Now here’s where I’m confused; even the American Establishment Media is reporting that at least some members of the Liberal Party are none-too thrilled with Trudeau. With all that said, how in the hell does this guy still have a job?

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