(VIDEO) Demolishing the Pro-Putin Kooks; Russia Now Threatens Invasion of Finland and Sweden if They Join NATO

Russia today, everything old is new again.

The pro-Putin kooks are out in full-force pushing the patently stupid proposition that the Russian ex-KGB Lt. Col. is somehow the savior of the world for allegedly taking-out “bio-warfare labs” supposedly in Ukraine.

While there is zero proof that bio-WARFARE labs exist in Ukraine, allow me to state that I’m not really much of a fan of NATO.

Personally, I believe that NATO has outlived its usefulness. I couldn’t be happier if we constitutionally de-ratified the treaty that shackled us to the corpse that is NATO.

Again, I personally believe that the French, the Germans, the Italians, the Spanish, etc, etc, hate our guts. I say we’ve protected these ingrates for way too long. Besides, everyone knows that most of the NATO militaries would never stand and fight against the Russians or anyone else.

Joint-military exercise of our greatest enemies.

It wouldn’t make me sad if we re-negotiated (constitutionally, of course) new defense treaties with nations that would actually stand and fight. Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Poland, Hungary certainly come to mind.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand.

Quite openly, Putin made clear that his reasons for invading Ukraine had everything to do with joining NATO. Not once did he mention these fairy tales of destroying American bio-weapon labs.

For whatever bizarre reason, Putin is under the impression that the Kyiv government needs Moscow’s approval.

To further prove my point would be Putin’s government quite openly threatening war against the Finns and Swedes if they dare join NATO.

How in the hell does the sovereign nations of Ukraine, Finland and Sweden have any requirement whatsoever to get Moscow’s approval for anything?

Simple answer, they don’t.

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