(VIDEO) It’s Time for Everyone Else to Add NUKES to Their Military Forces

A well armed society is a polite society…

I really am a firm believer that we as a nation shouldn’t turn our backs to our allies. I’m also a firm believer that the primary responsible party for any given nation’s defense is that nation itself.

As the old saying goes, “A well-armed society is a polite society.”

With that out of the way, I’m not exactly thrilled with the notion that if some Russian border guards pop-off a few rounds at the frigid northern Norwegian town of Skogfoss, nuclear war ensues.

Well… OK, I’ll admit that’s a bit improbable.

Just a bit closer to reality, what if the CCP makes a move on the Nationalist Chinese (Taiwan) islands of Matsu or Quemoy? Keep in mind that those islands are just a few miles off the coast of Communist China.

Do our US Navy task forces in East Asia start slinging nukes at mainland China? I hope to hell not. On a selfish note, I still have family and friends in Guam, San Diego, and coastal North and South Carolina. I don’t want to see those parts of the nation vaporized.

Hell, I certainly don’t want to see Communist Chinese warheads falling anywhere on the good ol’ US of A.

I really do think I have a better idea. A MUCH better idea.

Step 1.) Constitutionally pull-out of every single mutual defense treaty that the United States is shackled to. Right now, the only attack-on-one-is-an-attack-on-all treaty we have is with that long-since-outlived-its-usefulness NATO agreement. Why we’re chained to that European corpse is beyond me. Besides, the way birthrates are going on the continent, by the end of this century, Europe won’t even be European any more. Face it, Middle-Eastern “refugees” are far out-breeding our German, British and Dutch cousins.

While we do have lesser agreements with other nations (such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) to “defend them”, but from there the wording gets really murky. In all honesty, those agreements aren’t worth the paper their written on.

Step 2.) Arm the living hell out of our allies. Crank up the “Arsenal of Democracy” as only Americans can do.

Step 3.) America shouldn’t stand in the way when certain allies have decided for themselves if they so desire to add nuclear weapons to their inventories.

I know that nations arming themselves with nukes scares the living fecal matter out of many, but look at what happens when certain nations have voluntarily given up their nukes;

  • Libya. Right about that moment when a rebel literally shoved a bayonet up his ass, I’ll wager Mummar Khadafi regretted surrendering his nuclear technology to Dubya Bush.
  • South Africa. Once the bread basket for half the African continent, since the Communist take-over, SA has mutated into just another Third-World shithole.
  • Ukraine. Right after the fall of the USSR, Ukraine was home to an estimated 18,000 to 19,000 nuclear warheads. BIG mistake to trust both Moscow and DC to “guarantee” Ukrainian sovereignty.

By the way, since when does any independent, sovereign nation need anyone’s “permission” to defend themselves as they see fit?

Anyhow, according to the good folks over at WorldPopulationReview.com, quite a few nations certainly have the financial chops to not only acquire and maintain their own world-class defense (to include nuclear), they certainly have the brain-power as well.

As cited, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Australia, and the Philippines combined have a collective GDP that would rival #2 on the list, Communist China.

The common thread for these six nations combined? All are directly threatened by Beijing. A mutual defense (and trade?) treaty for these six is just what the doctor ordered.

Throw Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Burundi into the mix, that financial and military alliance just beat out Communist China as the second highest economy on Earth. Hell, even Vietnam still hates China. Invite them to the party.

Just imagine that crescent of nations blocking out China’s Belt and Road global expansionist plans?

How great would it be if Poland, Hungary and the Baltic nations formed their own mutual defense treaty? Even better, a NUCLEAR mutual defense treaty of these specific Eastern European nations.

Putin would certainly think twice before he sought to resurrect the old Russian Empire.

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