(VIDEO) Kamala ‘Passage of Time’ Harris’ National Security Adviser Quits Team Kamala

This maroon is no laughing matter.

Yet another member of the staff of the faux-vice president Kamala “Cackler” Harris has submitted her walking papers.

This time it’s Harris’ national security advisor Nancy McEldowney who’s decided to pull the plug.

As noted by reporter Emily Crane of the New York Post (emphasis mine);

Vice President Kamala Harris’ national security adviser has become the latest high-profile staffer to leave the veep’s office, according to a report.

Nancy McEldowney, who has worked for Harris since she took office, will be replaced by her deputy Philip Gordon, said an internal memo obtained by Reuters on Monday.

McEldowney reportedly said in the memo that she was stepping down to “focus on some pressing personal matters.”

“This was a difficult decision because I am so deeply committed to the work we do and the crucial national interest we serve,” she wrote. “But after more than a year, this is the right decision for my family.”

With McEldowney officially stating that she was leaving due to pressing family issues, any other underlying reasons would simply be nothing more than conjecture.

But for the sake of conjecture, I can’t help but wonder if how Harris has conducted herself as of late (video below), just maybe these slow-moving trainwrecks are exactly why so many are bailing.

Reporter Crane also cited the entire by-name list of those who’ve jumped ship;

  • [Nancy] McEldowney is the 10th key official to depart Harris’ office since this past June.
  • Director of digital strategies Rajun Kaur.
  • Director of advance Karly Satkowiak.
  • Deputy director of advance Gabrielle DeFranceschi.
  • Communications director Ashley Etienne.
  • Chief spokesperson Symone Sanders.
  • Director of press operations Peter Velz.
  • Deputy director of public engagement Vince Evans.
  • Speechwriting director Kate Childs Graham.
  • Deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh.

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