(VIDEO) Louisiana’s Sen. Kennedy Slams Biden SCOTUS Nominee w/ Just One Simple Question

I’ll come right out and say it… I love Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA). I love that man like I would as a brother. I love that man as I would a best friend. I love that man as I would a true leader.

As a conservative man of mixed-race bloodlines, suffice it to say that I consider SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as the following;

  • A white-hating bigot

  • A friend to kiddie perverts/rapists everywhere

  • A historical revisionist (AKA: “liar“)

  • A particularly weak choice for a spot on the highest court in the land

But back to Sen. Kennedy. In the tweet below, Kennedy shut-down that moron with a singular, painfully simple question.

Yet I will point out for those who may be a bit hazy to what “Equal protection” actually means, it’s a judicial principle that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.

A very generic example would be that one can’t murder someone who’s 115-years-old, then fall back on the legal defense of “Well, he would die any day now. So, what difference does it make?”

With that said, here’s Sen. Kennedy’s question to the woman who leftists want to be an Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court. Let that sink in;

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