(VIDEO) Yet Again, Slow Joe Embarrasses Himself on the World Stage

Coming as a shock to no one, the Chinese Resident has embarrassed himself, American troops, as well as the entire nation all in one fell swoop.

While speaking to US troops from the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division currently deployed to a US base in Rzeszów, Poland, Biden not only made a supposed spontaneous joke to the paratroopers (which fell flat on its face. Then Biden had to explain the joke), he then insulted the American Declaration of Independence.

Please keep in mind that when this numb-skull attempted to quote the same DoI, he somehow managed to get the words wrong.

Nearly within the same breath, after trashing the DoI, he then went on to insult every American from the War of Independence to present day.

As reported by Cristina Laila of the GatewayPundit.com (emphasis mine);

Joe Biden visited US troops from 82nd Airborne and as expected, it was another awkward encounter.

“Don’t jump! Don’t jump!” Biden shouted at the US service members before calling the Declaration of Independence “corny.”

After trashing the Declaration of Independence, Joe Biden said “we’ve never lived up to it.”

Way to go, Joe. Trash the US while visiting troops stationed abroad.

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