Kastriertes Deutschland: Germany Outlawing Public Displays of the Letter Z

Strictly forbidden.

Nothing more than a different standard, run iof the mill leftist thugs.

First things first. Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists were anything but “Right-Wing.” Hitler and the Nazis despised… and I mean DESPISED what we as Americans cherish.

Things like democracy, individual freedom, freedom of worship, capitalism, small government, etc.

Looking at the specific stances of National Socialism overall, they’re little different from their kindred spirits, none other than the uber-violent Russian Bolsheviks.

Regardless if the liberals want to admit it or not, Nazis are just a slightly different variant of the rotted fruit Marx and Engles.

With that said, back to the topic at hand.

The freedoms of thought and opinion means just that. We have the constitutional right to be a member of whatever political party our little hearts desire.

But in the allegedly “free democracy” of the Federal Republic of Germany, not so much.

In accordance with German Criminal Code dating back to 1952; Section § 86a 4, it outlaws “propaganda material the content of which is intended to further the activities of a former National Socialist organisation.”

If one is a German citizen and also a member of the National Socialist Party (or even having any Nazi paraphernalia, such as owning a swastika) will bring with it “a penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or a fine.”

As it turns out, with head-shakingly idiotic Russophobia breaking-out worldwide, in the land of my very own forefathers, “According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, showing the ‘Z’ symbol can be punishable as a public endorsement of the Russian war against Ukraine.”

Here’s my silly question: How does government law enforcement know if you are pro-Putin or just a graduate of the Zeppelin Universität (Go Fightin’ Bonhams)?

Or just maybe you hail from one of the somewhat small hamlets of Zweibrücken or Ziegenrück or even Zülpich.

Suffice it to say that my very distant German cousins are world renown for ability for Wege dich zum Reden zu bringen.

To be more specific, as reported by Hamburg’s English language translation of TagesSchau.de (Daily News, emphasis mine);

The “Z” is considered a symbol of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Now the Ministry of the Interior declared: Showing the sign in Germany can be punishable. Several federal states have already made it a criminal offence.

According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, showing the “Z” symbol can be punishable as a public endorsement of the Russian war against Ukraine. As a spokesman said, the security authorities have knowledge that this symbol is already used in Germany – so far mainly in the form of paint smears.

Of course, the letter itself is not forbidden, he explained. But the Russian war of aggression is a criminal offense. “And those who publicly approve of this war of aggression can therefore also make themselves punishable.” The federal security authorities would have this in mind.

Several federal states have already decided on criminal consequences for the use of the sign. Today, the state of Berlin decided to take action against the public display of the “Z” symbol. “If the context of the war is created with the use of the white ‘Z’s, as seen on the Russian military vehicles, then of course this means the advocacy of the war of aggression,” interior Senator Iris Spranger told the “Tagesspiegel”. “That would be punishable, so we intervene immediately.”

Previously, Bavaria and Lower Saxony had already announced that they would punish the public wearing of the symbol. 

The SPD [Social Democratic Party] parliamentary group in the Stuttgart state parliament as well as the CDU [Christian Democratic Union], FDP [Free Democratic Party] and SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia also spoke out in favour of a ban on the symbol.

Well, I guess the United States and Germany aren’t all that different after all.

I’ve caught wind that some lawmakers up in DC want to criminalize the usage of the letters “F” “J” and “B”. I’ve even heard The Swampers want to do the same to the letters “L” “G” and “B”.

Actually, I’m kind of proud of my continental kin. In true Teutonic efficiency, while the American liberals here are haphazard and all over the map to find which letters offend them the most.

Ahhn, you can count on the Germans to lazar-focus on that poor, unfortune, marked-for-death letter “Z.”

It’s going to be Zelle on Earth for poor player 26.

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