BAM! ‘American Thinker’ Hammer the Liberals; ‘The Democrats Have a Pedo Problem’

I recall once reading somewhat recently that the true number of Americans that actually embrace and live the lesbian, gay, bisexual lifestyle (LGB) is somewhere slightly below one percent.

I also seem to recall reading that the true number of Americans who embrace and live the TQQIFAPPP+ (trans, queer, questioning, intersexual, fluidsexual, asexual, pansexual, polysexual, pedophile, everyone else not worthy enough of an initial) lifestyle is actually somewhere south of one-tenth of one percent.

Nonetheless, a particular demographic who on a good day would total less that 1.1 percent of the population, the other 98.9 percent (if not greater) of the population MUST change out opinions, attitudes and behaviors for this hyper-minority.

In the meantime, writers Todd Gregory and Erik Gregory of have penned one helluva right-between-the-running-lights op/ed piece.

But first things first.

I’ve always considered myself as having at least an above average command of the Mother Tongue, but Gregory and Gregory did have me cracking open my Merriam-Webster. It turns out the definition of “prurient” is essentially drooling pervert. Think: Aqualung.

But back to the op-ed (emphasis mine);

Standard prurient Democrat.

Progressives have a pedophilia problem. Full stop, as the Barack Obamas of the world might say.  From CNN producers to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) station chiefs and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) field agents; from the woke Disney corporation to Democrat donors; from Hollywood to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA); from Facebook/Meta to the Lincoln Project to America’s public school system — the progressive Left has a demonstrated prurient interest in underage children.

This is not guilt by association, innuendo, or conjecture; it is a firmly established fact pattern. And this is not to suggest that no Republicans have ever espoused or committed similar atrocities against children; extremely rare countervailing exceptions like Republican Dennis Hastert (who, unlike Democrats, was actually imprisoned in part for his crimes of child molestation) prove the rule that many Democrats have a strong affinity for pedophilia and the normalization of the same.

Empirically and factually, an overwhelming majority of public figures who are confirmed and aspiring pedophiles (along with pedo-friendly corporations like Disney) are progressive Democrats in terms of political orientation. All of this is hushed up by our progressive media, and thanks to progressive privilege, virtually nobody is ever prosecuted or punished.

Why is it never a national scandal when Democrats routinely prey on young children? Simple — because the progressive media protect Democrats far better than Rome’s Praetorian guard ever protected any of the Caesars.

Instead of truth and exposure, we have media silence.  A favorite media tactic is the lie by omission.  If a station chief or agent from John Brennan’s beloved and woke CIA sexually abuses a two-year-old baby, but CNN producers and the media decide it is not a scandal, then poof, it all goes away.  Like the tree falling in the forest with nobody to see or hear it, perhaps it simply never happened at all.

Pick a deep blue state at random — say, Oregon.  A former longtime mayor of Beaverton, Dennis “Denny” Doyle, was recently charged with possession of child pornography.  But that was nothing new in the Beaver state.  There was also popular Portland mayor Sam Adams, who relished pederasty with underage boys.  Oh, there was also Democrat governor Neil Goldschmidt, who committed statutory rape against a 13-year-old girl and went on sexually abusing her for many years afterwards.

Goldschmidt’s victim’s life was destroyed, and she died decades later at age 49, with drugs, alcohol, and mental illness as contributing factors.

Unlike Dennis Hastert, none of these progressive figures went to prison for his crimes of molesting children.  They all got a free pass.  And most voters and politicians living near Oregon’s deep blue I-5 corridor between Portland and Eugene didn’t (and don’t) care.

As long as progressive pedophiles and their institutional cheerleaders and enablers have a (D) next to their name, pedophilia does not necessarily conflict with the values of Democrat voters or progressive Supreme Court appointees like Ketanji Brown Jackson.  This is the same political party that always screams without irony that it’s for the children.

Democrats, their corporate affiliates, and their voters are likewise indifferent to the widespread sexual trafficking of children near America’s porous border with Mexico, even as they wildly celebrate President Brandon’s recent endorsement of sex “reassignment surgery” and hormone-blockers for children.

To rephrase a couple modern figures of speech: Democrats gonna Democrat.  And yes, that is who they are.

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