(VIDEO) Report: Six Hundred Percent Increase for Concealed Carry Permits in Democrat-Run Philadelphia

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a black guy from Philadelphia, a Hispanic from Flagstaff, or a white woman from Tupelo — the American people are fed-up.

Specifically, We The People have had it when it comes to the Jackass Party being the political party that has a certain affinity for murderers, armed robbers, organized crime, drug dealers, gang-bangers, etc.

Without fail, on the state and local levels that are completely controlled by the Dems, chances are you live in the American version of a Third-World shithole.

As far as on a federal level where Demarxists occupy the White House and both chambers of the US Congress, here are just a few of our problems;

  • Both the FBI and the CIA are hopelessly corrupt

  • The Border Patrol is the world’s highest paid diaper service

  • Generals and admirals from ALL the services (to include my beloved Marine Corps) are more interesting in pronouns than they are winning wars

  • The latest SCOTUS nominee has a track record of protecting pedophiles who torture infants and toddlers

Suffice it to say, modern-day Minutemen aren’t taking this lying down. As seen in the NRA video below and also cited by CrimeResearch.org, concealed carry permits are up 600 percent in the City of Brotherly Love.

Interesting side note: In spite of many local and state law enforcement agencies (not all) either corrupt, woke or hamstrung by liberal politicians, the citizens of Philidelphia prove the point that deep in the fabric of all Americans, we all want to follow the law.

Think about it… would a criminal bother submitting the paperwork for a concealed carry permit? But the decent people of Philadelphia will.

Maybe there really is a reason to hope after all.

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