(VIDEO) Head-Shakingly Worthy: For No Known Reason, Biden ‘Takes a Knee’ at USS Delaware Commissioning Ceremony

Every chance he gets, whenever Resident Joe Biden meets with any given sports teams or loosely organized violent mob, for whatever bizarre reason, Biden takes a knee.

Maybe he’s still signaling that he supports leftist and racist rioters, maybe he still want the world to know that he still adheres to the notion that ACAB.

Possibly Colin Kaepernick is living rent-free in Joe’s head, spacious as it is.

Whatever the reason, the Doofus-in-Chief attended the official Commissioning Ceremony for the USS Delaware (SSN 791), Joey Hairplugs dropped to one knee.

Maybe the National Anthem was about to be played. Maybe all those people in uniforms made him think that he was in the midst of some non-descript championship team there for a photo op. Maybe he was caught mid-collapse on his way to yet another aneurysm.

Then again, maybe he was practicing this MMA submission moves; the Full-Frontal Kamala Throat Choke.

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